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If a permanent mist cooling system is not right for you, a portable mist cooling system may be an option.  Portable mist cooling units online vary a lot by price and effectiveness. When shopping you will see some portable fan units as low as $40.00 those types of units are very similar to how a sprinkler system might feel. They can keep you cooler outdoors by keeping you wet but don’t affect the overall temperature around you. When you choose a high-pressure system you will get the same effect as you can with the high-pressure pump units. It will cool your areas by up to 20 degrees without the residual moisture called flash evaporation-it cools the air around you without getting you soaked. And the number one thing about a portable unit you can take it anywhere!

These units can be wheeled in during warm months and then placed into storage over the winter. We have our white portable unit that has a 1000psi pump, and a 20″ oscillating fan, and can be connected to a water hose, or just fill the 13-gallon tank for the ultimate in portability. We also have a 24″ black misting fan that uses new centrifuge technology with no nozzles to get clogged, this unit has a 5 gallon reservoir that will cool up to 5 hours on a single fill. Both these units cool with little to no residual moisture!

At 1000 PSI, our portable cooling unit is designed to be the best self-contained portable misting system in the marketplace. It quickly chills the air (up to 25ºF) on even the hottest days of the season. Besides cooling, the mist will greatly dampen smoke from a BBQ grill and dust from dry fields and parking lots.

The 18″” shrouded fan oscillates and has a variable-speed dial. It’s amazingly quieter than a standard house box fan—you can easily stand next to it and carry a conversation. One of its best features is the built-in water tank. There is no need to search out a water source or worry about someone tripping over a connected hose. The portable cooling unit can be filled with a bucket or garden hose (hose connection is filtered) and will run for about four hours on the sixteen-gallon tank. Built-in safety switches turn off the pump when the tank runs out.

  • Variable-speed fan.
  • Four misting cycle modes. Built-in water filter.
  • Covers about 300 sq. ft.
  • Noise Level: ~50dB Tank overflow safety switch.
  • Low water safety switch.
  • Totally enclosed pump and motor prevent shock from water splashes.
  • Can be run directly from a garden hose.
  • A built-in switch keeps the tank from overfilling.
  • Commercial-grade wheels, locking casters, adjustable neck height, and heavy-duty handle make this portable cooling unit very easy to move and transport whether empty or full.
  • Great for tailgates, hotels, sports practices, outdoor weddings, restaurants, patio kitchens, RVs, boat docks… wherever you want!

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