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Being in the mosquito control business for over 15 years this question is one that we hear all the time “Are mosquito sprays effective?” And when we say “mosquito sprays” we mean companies that spray or fog for mosquitoes. While there may be a lot of differing opinions on the subject here is what we do know to be true about mosquito sprays vs automated mosquito control misting systems.

In our experience we would not consider mosquito sprays to be as effective long term solution to controlling mosquitoes. There are a few reasons why we know this to be the case. We only market them as a temporary solution such as if you were having a one time event outdoors like a wedding for instance, in this case spraying one day before the event would be a good way to control mosquitoes for about 2 days. Another reason you would want to spray the day before is because the sprays have a very strong garlic odor. Which for most people is not a pleasant outdoor smell and that is why you would want to do it a day ahead. However the effects of it generally last at most 1 week and if it rains then those numbers decrease significantly.

There is another way we have used them in our business and that is combined with an already installed automated mosquito control misting systems. For instance if it has rained for several days a spray is sometimes warranted because the mosquito population generally doubles. So if you have an automated mosquito control misting system (that should eliminate up to 80% of mosquitoes) the system can only control so much after heavy rainfall, so yes, a one time spray to knock out what has just or beginning to hatch will help to keep your system able to handle the rest.

Most people that use “spray only” companies or spray themselves will generally not have good control over mosquitoes. So your faced with a monthly cost of doing this plus your backyard will be quite “smelly” for a while. So after a year of doing these sprays you will have already almost spent what an automated mosquito misting system would cost you.  With an automated mosquito control misting system it is a set it and forget it process the system is already preset and ready to go. It does it’s misting at designated times when no one is outdoors, and it also comes with a wireless remote in case you notice a few more mosquitoes than usually you can turn it on at the push of a button. The design is seamlessly integrated into your homes exterior and can be installed yourself, and with the free design help that we offer it guarantees you a great installation.

So in conclusion before you decided to start spraying weekly just think about…not having to think about it at all. Imagine yourself just going outside and enjoying it mosquito free! An automated mosquito control system is the only way to ensure long term relief from mosquitoes and as a bonus it deals with some other annoying insects as well!

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