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Have you thought about installing your own mosquito misting system but feel it is to complicated to install yourself?  In this article, we’ll explore the benefits of installing your own DIY mosquito misting system versus hiring a professional.

The main benefit of installing your own mosquito misting system is that you will save possibly thousands of dollars.  When you hire a professional installer to do your mosquito misting system installation the cost can vary from $3500 and up depending on the size of your property.  Whereas you can purchase your own mosquito misting system kit that comes with everything you need to do your own installation for around $2000.  When you look at purchasing a DIY kit you would want to make sure the company offering it offers free design assistance.  With that comes the assurance you order the right kit and help with the design and layout of your system.  This is a vital component to installing your own system.

When you are installing your own mosquito or insect misting system, it is more simple than you think.  Most people can get in done in one to two days. And another benefit is maintenance!  When you have an installer do it for you generally you are locked into a maintenance plan.  If you install it yourself not only will you know what goes into the system but also you will be able to maintain it yourself. The things that generally come up with maintenance are nozzle replacement (due to clogging) or adding misting concentrate to your tanks.

If you are into doing DIY home improvements this is one that will not break your bank and you can really do it yourself!

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