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file_13 Mist Cooling Systems Are Boosting Restaurant Patio Sales During The Summer Heat - Mosquito and Mist Cooling Systems

During the summer it can be almost impossible to sit outside and enjoy yourself in your own backyard. But how about when you go to a restaurant and they as you if you want to sit inside or outside?  Most people don’t like to be drenched in sweat while they are trying to enjoy their drinks and food.

Even if the restaurant has outdoor seating with fans, and cover it still doesn’t do much when temperatures reach over 75 degrees. There is a simple solution; a high-pressure mist cooling system!  Once installed a high-pressure mist system can utilize misting fans, mist lines, or a combination of both to reduce temperatures up to 25 degrees!  Also when you use a high-pressure system they only cool the air around the patrons they don’t get them or their food wet. When we speak to a business after they have installed a mist cooling system they can’t believe the results.  With being able to control the temperatures in the outdoor areas they can keep tables turning and making money! Take a look a recent high-pressure mist cooling installation! Trust us it is an excellent investment!

Take a look at some great mist cooling system installlations on our YouTube Channel!

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