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Sector Mosquito Misting Concentrate is a permethrin insecticide for automatic misting systems. It is one of the best chemicals to kill mosquitoes, no see ums, gnats, flies, and other flying insects. Sector Misting Concentrate is used for the control of mosquitoes, cockroaches, water bugs, palmetto bugs, ants, silverfish, and spiders. Sector Mosquito Misting System Refill is used to refill automatic misting systems. It can be used in many outdoor areas such as drive-in theaters, home parks, golf courses, playgrounds, recreational areas, urban areas and many other listed use sites.

If you are the owner of a mosquito misting system, you are going to need an effective insecticide concentrate if you want to be able to get rid of mosquitoes around your yard. One of the best solutions we have in stock for you is Sector Mosquito Misting Concentrate. Developed by MGK, Sector is a very popular concentrated commonly used by professionals and property owners alike.

Sector Mosquito Misting Concentrate is a permethrin based misting concentrate with a mixture of 10% Permethrin as well as 10% PBO (Piperonyl butoxide) which helps the Permethrin to work better than it be able to do on its own. Permethrin is a fast acting contact killer and when combined with PBO it creates a lethal combination which kills pests quickly and thoroughly without leaving a residue. When Sector is misted and hits the ground, it evaporates so be sure to use it when your target pest is active.

The product comes in either a gallon or a half gallon and can make up to 55 gallons of finish solution for your mosquito misting system. Aside from getting rid of mosquitoes, we also recommend using Sector when you have a more hardy insect problem like spiders or flies that are harder to kill.

Sector is labeled for over 70 different pests its most commonly used to control mosquitoes and other flying insects but it does work equally well to control bed bugs if you have a bed bug infestation inside the home.

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