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Installing your own mosquito control misting system for the DIY’ers is more simple than you may think. More often than not it is getting the design layout correct that may take the most time. Luckily we have a design team that offer’s assistance in design for free so your almost halfway there once that is complete. Most users have found that they can install a system in a weekend others can get it done in one day. Let’s take a look at some of the questions we often get when one purchases one of our mosquito control misting systems.

What makes Mosquito And Cooling Systems the best company for me?

At Mosquito and Cooling Systems, we are dedicated to delivering the best products in the industry. We care about your problem, and will put our experience and dedication to work for you. Our industry knowledge of insect spray systems and insecticides makes us the ideal choice. We strive for the best quality, service, and affordability.

What are the benefits of the Mosquito Misting System?

Our Mosquito Systems are designed to see a 90%-95% reduction of all flying insects, including mosquitoes, flies, gnats, no see-ums, you may also likely see reductions in other common insects with the use of the system such as fleas, ticks, spiders, ants, etc.

What is Pyrethrum?

Pyrethrum is an natural insecticide extracted from Chrysanthemum flowers. The structure of the molecule is so complex that insect resistance to Pyrethrum is practically nonexistent. As opposed to synthetic pyrethorids, insects do not build up immunity to pyrethrums, so the effect will not diminish over time. It is clear and free of allergens.

Is the Mosquito Misting System easy to operate?

Yes, all you do is set the timer, and at the designated time, a light mist is released into the air eliminating bothersome mosquitoes and biting insects. This is system is thoroughly vetted and perfected over years of real world installations for demanding customers.

How long does it take to install the Mosquito Misting System?

Depending on the size of a system and design choices an experience installer will usually take 2-6 hours to install a system. We provide resources on this site and with our designing of your system that can help even first time installers complete a system in quickly even on the first try. Our goal is to have your install the system as aesthetically pleasing as possible. Most times, the systems are almost invisible. We use only the best available clips as fasteners to ensure years of trouble free use.

How much maintenance is needed after the initial installation?

To ensure worry free use, your system will need to be checked and refilled every 2-3 months depending on spray cycle. We will give you guidance on how to fill and test the system for leaks, stretching and normal wear and tear and make all necessary repairs refill the system.

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