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Spiders are one of the messiest problems on boat docks and are extremely hard to get rid of. They can invade almost every part of your boat dock including your watercraft, boat dock, sitting areas, and outdoor living and dining areas.


Boats and personal water craft are made for fun and relaxation, but sometimes they can lead to extra work. Let our Spider Misting Systems take some of the maintenance out of owning a boat. Our spider control misting systems get you back on the water, and reduce power washings and annual dock maintenance by up to 80%!

The spider control systems use an automated misting system, just like our mosquito systems, with nozzles installed around the ceilings of your boat dock. This system will mist an Organic, EPA exempt Product that will eliminate spiders and reduce the unsightly mess they can make.

The system consists of a 55 gallon tank which acts as a reservoir, on top of which we mount a pump, motor and a control box which houses the timer and duration control. You then connect a series of nozzles using thin nylon tubing evenly spaced around ceiling and around light fixtures where spiders like to hide, thus eliminating them and their webs.

If you have a spider problem on your boat dock consider installing a DIY spider control misting kit!

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