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These are our new Slimline misting nozzles for 2017 – American Made Nozzles! We have been on a mission for the past 10 years to develop the world’s best mosquito misting nozzle! Here is the best one we have found to date. Say goodbye to the cotton filters!
  •  Large stainless steel mesh filter that is cleanable, removable, and replaceable. This filter prevents clogging and extends the life of the nozzle!
  • Stainless Steel tips and Nickel-Plated Bodies
  • Strong Internal Spring Prevents Drips
  • Special rubber burbs act as a check valve to prevent dripping
  • A cleanable pin that makes it easy to clean and the nozzle tip
  • 10/24 threads which fit most mosquito systems on the market
  • .012″//.30mm orifice spray pattern: hollow cone
  • High-Pressure System is at least 250 psi.
  • Med pressure system is at least 180 psi, but less than 250 psi.
  • Low-pressure system is at least 100 psi, but less than 180 psi.

Best Nozzles on the Market!!!

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