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The mosquito that will be made headlines for most of 2016 will be back again in 2017; the Aedes aegypti, or the yellow fever mosquito. The mosquito can be recognized by white markings on its legs and a marking in the form of a lyre on the upper surface of its thorax. It can carry several different mosquito borne illnesses but the one’s we most hear about are the Zika Virus and the West Nile Virus. The Zika virus in particular pose a threat to pregnant women around the globe and our hope is to help you all stay protected.

You may or may not know that female mosquitoes are the ones who bite (males do not) and they are attracted to chemical compounds emitted by mammals, including ammonia, carbon dioxide, lactic acid, and octenol.

If you want prevention the best place to start first is with yourself. The mosquitoes prefer to breed in areas of stagnant water, such as flower vases, uncovered barrels, buckets, and discarded tires. They are particularly motivated to lay eggs in water containers that have the correct amounts of specific fatty acids associated with bacteria involved in the degradation of leaves and other organic matter (such as mulch) in water. So start there and always keep those area’s free of water as it takes less than a teaspoonful for them to lay their eggs in.

The next step would be to consider a mosquito control system. You don’t really want to use a company that just “sprays” as spray treatments have been proven to not be an effective way to control mosquitoes. For example a spray is better used as a one time treatment to for a party or event, and if you already have a mosquito misting system you could do one if the mosquito population was particularly high such as after heavy rain.

However the best treatment plan overall is a automated mosquito misting system. It can reduce your mosquito population by up to 85%. They are really easy to install and most people find they can get in done in a weekend or less with one of our mosquito misting system kits. And with our company you have the added benefit of custom design help to make it easier for you get the right amount of parts you need and the correct coverage for your outdoor areas.

Let us help you enjoy your outdoor area’s again, but this time MOSQUITO FREE!

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