Custom Design Submission

Let us help you put together the perfect Mosquito Control System Kit or Mist Cooling Kit for your backyard or business absolutely FREE of charge! With a little help from you on your space, we can help you select the right kit and any additional items to perfectly fit your needs. Just follow these three simple steps

1. Take Measurements of your Property

Take some approximate measurements of the perimeter such as your fence and patio, as well as other elements in your yard such a pool, playscape or shed.

2. Create a Simple Diagram

Draw a simple diagram of your backyard with these measurements labeled. Include your contact information on the diagram. (See example diagram here)

3. Send it in!

Upload your diagram to our website using the link below along with any additional notes you might have for us and we will contact you with our recommendations on the kit that is right for you!

If you run into any issues please give us a call at (844)-344-2069 or contact us here! We are standing by ready to help.

*If this is a weekend or after 5pm CST you may not be contacted back until the next business day.