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Do you have an outdoor area that is hard to Enjoy because of the heat?

We have the solution!!! MCS Dry Misting Systems!!!

Our high-pressure Mist Cooling Systems will cool your areas by up to 20 degrees without the residual moisture that used to be associated with inferior units.

Everything starts with a High-Pressure Pump that runs at 1000 psi. High-pressure mist is created, which evaporates quickly, chilling the air and reducing air temperatures by a process known as Flash Evaporation. Whether you choose portable or mounted, all of our systems will quickly cool outdoor air temperatures, even on the hottest days by up to 20 degrees.

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mist cooling system…

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Awesome Features:

  • Low Water Safety Switch
  • Electronic Solenoid
  • Cat Pumps — Best Pump You can Get
  • Outdoor Rated Motors
  • Optional Protective Cover
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