Our state of the art Fully Automated Insect Misting Systems can be used for:

  • Mosquito Control Misting for your home or business!
  • Spider Control Misting for boat docks!
  • Fly Control Misting for Barns and Stables to keep flies away!

There are so many uses for the systems!

Everything you need for up to 1/4 acres

80%-90% reduction of all flying insects, including mosquitoes, flies, gnats, no see-ums, you may also see reductions in other common insects with the use of the system such as fleas, ticks, spiders, ants, etc.

We make it easy to install your own automated insect misting system!  Our 30 Nozzle Kit will cover up to 300-400 linear feet, up to 1/4 acre, or a small backyard. Our systems come completely assembled, just remove from the box, install your series of nozzles, fill with your choice of insecticide and start eliminating mosquitoes and other annoying insects, the same day.  All of our systems are assembled and made right here in the USA!

Please note: Each 55 Gallon System requires 1/2 gallon of misting concentrate for the synthetic and semi-organic. The organic concentrate requires a full gallon for use in the 55 Gallon system.

Need help designing your kit? Click here!

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Kit & Add-Ons

Our 30 Nozzle Mosquito Misting System Kit Includes:

  •  1 – 500ft 1/4″ Nylon Tubing – Black
  • 30 – Slimline Mosquito Misting Nozzle .30mm
  • 30 – Tee Nozzle Adapter
  • 5 – Push to Connect Union
  • 5 – Push to Connect Elbow
  • 5 – Push to Connect Tee
  • 5 – Replacement Nozzles
  • 1 – Tubing Cutter
  • 1 – Tubing Release Tool
  • 1 – Magnetic Drill Bit
  • 1 – Screws – Bag of 100
  • 1 – Fasteners – Bag of 100

Add-Ons (Not included in 30 Nozzle Kit)

10 Nozzle Expansion Kit

  • 1 – 100ft 1/4″ Nylon Tubing – Black
  • 10 – Slimline Mosquito Misting Nozzle .30mm
  • 10 – Tee Nozzle Adapter
  • 1 – End Plug 1/4″
  • 1 – Push to Connect Tee
  • 1 – Push to Connect Union
  • 1 – Screws – Bag of 25
  • 1 – Fasteners – Bag of 25

10 Riser Expansion Kit

  • 1 – 100ft 1/4″ Nylon Tubing – Black
  • 10 – 15″ Copper Risers 45 Degree
  • 10 – Slimline Mosquito Misting Nozzle .30mm
  • 11 – Push to Connect Tee
  • 1 – End Plug 1/4″
  • 1 – Push to Connect Union
  • 1 – Screws – Bag of 25
  • 1 – Fasteners – Bag of 25
System Features

Leak Detection (Platinum and Smart Platinum System Only)
via/The Integrated Flow Meter That Continuously Monitors The System For Any Unusual Outputs. If Any Occur The System Will Be Put In Safe Mode Preventing Valuable Fluid Loss

LED Control Panel (Platinum and Smart Platinum System Only)
The only system on the market with this state of advanced circuitry. Our new LED Control Panel offers read-outs with time, date and your choice of 24 or 12 hour clock, spray according to time or volume, US or metric units. Battery backup built in, fuse protected. 110v or 220v power standard.

Programmable Remote (Platinum and Smart Platinum System Only)
With your unique code, ensure your system cannot be activated by other remotes.

Control Your System Via Our App (Smart Platinum System)
Download our App from Google Play or the Itunes Store!  Click here for more information on our “Smart Platinum System”

Brass Pump and Motor
We use exclusively Fluid-O-Tech Brass pumps paired with 1/3 HP motors for years of trouble-free use.

Electronic Flow Meter
Our Platinum system incorporates the use of a flow meter to monitor fluid use, this meter measures the exact amount of fluid leaving your tank, and will turn the system off in the event of a cut line, when the system is empty, or if the flow varies by 75% high or low.

Rain Cover
Keeps dust and rain off your system to protect it from harmful elements.

Other Exclusive Features
55 Gallon reservoir with lockable lid for safety, control panel enclosed in lockable, water-tight Pelican box, 6 foot grounded power cord, battery back up, internal 100 micron suction strainer, nickel-plated brass manifold, fuse protected control panel, 110v or 220v capability.

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