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Why is the Mosquito Misting System a better choice than monthly sprays?

Why is the Mosquito Misting System a better choice than monthly sprays?

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While it’s suggested by the CDC and EPA to implement mosquito control for your yard, it is still unclear which control method is the best and most effective. Nets and traps only work for a small area and city spraying is simply not enough for places with high humidity and heat. With a mosquito misting system, you’re sure to have long-lasting results!

What is a mosquito misting system?

A mosquito mister is an automatic system that sprays a fine mist of insecticide around your yard using nozzles around the exterior of your yard. This is ideal for areas with mosquito infestation, as you can have the yard sprayed daily instead of the typical monthly spray. This system also lasts longer than monthly sprays and is more effective at preventing mosquitoes from ruining your outside fun.

Most modern mosquito systems are fully automated with set timers that go off at optimal spray times such as dawn and dusk – two important times for getting rid of those pesky mosquitoes. These are the times the mosquitos are most active and other insects, like bees and butterflies, aren’t.

These systems consist of a 55-gallon tank and have many products available to use including organic, semi-organic, and synthetic. Each yard and customer are unique, and each will likely need a different product depending on yard size, infestation problem, and other factors.

Cost & Effectiveness

Why pay an expensive monthly fee for sprays that will likely only last a few days? With a mosquito misting system in your own backyard, your yard will get a daily spray to deter these pesky insects.

When monthly pest control companies come to spray your yard, they likely use a backpack-like tank and target areas with overrun vegetation and dark, damp areas. As you can imagine, the tank does not hold much of the pest control spray and with only a few areas targeted, the likelihood of this control system working for an entire month is unlikely. These spray services also likely cost upwards of $300 per month!

The monthly mosquito sprays are sometimes used as a solution right before a big party or other outdoor events. With a mosquito misting system, you can also use the remote to spray before your event or for a common mosquito swarm, which often happens after a lot of rain.

With a mosquito misting system, you can spray daily and will reach almost every inch of your backyard. The spraying systems don’t just get rid of those pesky mosquitoes, either. They also provide a reduction of other outdoor insects including flies, fleas, ticks, and gnats. Although there is a slightly higher initial price, the monthly maintenance costs are far cheaper than spray services. You’ll pay far less long-term by using a misting system.

Doing Your Part

Although these mosquito misting systems are a great solution to your infestation problems, there are things you can do to reduce the problem yourself. Removing any standing water and beginning your yard treatment well before the summer months hit are great ways to be proactive in reducing mosquitoes.

If you’re looking for a long-term solution to your mosquito and pest control problems, a misting system is the way to go. Contact Mosquito & Cooling Systems today to begin your consultation with a specialist.